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Almost all Linux users are slaves to repositories meanwhile Windows users can download an .exe file and get the latest version, bleeding edge beta version, or an ancient version of whatever software then want if they have the .exe .

We literally have made habit of frequently changing OS's just to get software we find effective. Solutions have been offered such as distro agnostic pack managers like flatpak and snap, and tools like appimage. However they are primarily ignored in favor of ancient tools like apt-get and .deb.

In Debian/Ubuntu's case apt-get should continue to exist for people who want it and how it saves a lot of space. But developers should be encouraged to take advantage of flatpak and appimage and even tar.gz bundles to prevent software from being chained to particular distros.


flatpak and appimage aren't optimized for your machine. They, like exe, are bloated because they self contain the libraries, which means you wind up wasting a lot of storage space for redundancies.

Your first paragraph is pants on head though.


no sheit


Uss command line and stop pretending Linux is good because you’re le elite, Linux is for megabrains, not for you stinky brainlet


You're a massive faggot as usual OP

>Changing OS to get software

>Flatpak and snap are good

You're literally just a retard, the trend of making GNU/Linux more accessable for non-wizards is cancer. Why do you even use linux in the first place? Learn more and git gud, I suggest doing LFS as a fun learning experience.

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