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Socialism is an ideology which consists of low economic freedom, high government control and high social freedom.

Democratic Socialism is no different from normal socialism.


Hamas was a democratically elected government in Gaza despite the fact that the destruction of not only Israel, but also of all Jews is in their official charter.


Robert "Bobby" Mugabe was elected democratically by the vast majority in Zimbabwe. Last time I checked, that was working out just fine for them. Right? … Right?


Hugo Chavez, from 1954-2013 was a dictator who was originally democratically elected. How did that work out? Pretty well, huh? No. It is now teetering on collapse after being one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Eggs, milk, flour, bread, and toilet paper are now mostly out of stock, with the demand for those items being huge. Not convinced Socialism/ Democratic Socialism doesn't work? Let us move on.


Ok, this is where the middle-class can not even usually afford a car because of the 180% car tax. Lars Rasmussen said it was far from a Socialist economy and that it is a "market economy." Jeez. Doesn't sound too good to me. I wouldn't want it getting any closer to socialist economy if that is the case.


Let's be honest, the only good import from Sweden, besides IKEA, is the founder of IKEA and he left Sweden because of it's HUGE tax rate.

>So What Is The Problem?

Socialism tends to make a very fine line between people aimed towards success (businessmen, politicians, nurses, etc.), and lazy people, such as hippies, stoners, group thinkers, etc. Socialism can also lead to communism.

>Socialism VS Capitalism

Capitalism is greedy? What is more greedy than taking from other people's prospers?


Ok, but capitalism and socialism can be quite broad, what kind of capitalism are you advocating? Laissez Faire? Mixed? Take a more technical approach to fortify and articulate your position.


shit tier bait man

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