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File: 1568731640976.png (120.06 KB, 358x340, 179:170)


Weihan's real identity discussion thread

I found following post on r/cumtown:

>A little weihan zhang background for you: This is not his first account of course. He used to go by the name "weihan wang" which is a reference to this:


>and this used to be his picture



>4plebs archive for him



File: 1568732220617.png (128.39 KB, 626x804, 313:402)

First personal accounts he followed


He's probably fake, likely chink but weihan is just a back satire rw profile

btw he has no relation with that guy


He gained attention from the influence of rw twitter profiles like BAP, manchurian "baizou" guy sharing his tweets



Yeah he followed and was followed by bunch of twitter pol circle, both rw and lw, acc etc

I think yang meme was one of the reasons, but am too lazy to find the original tweet


File: 1568798523845.png (547.73 KB, 720x540, 4:3)


Rare photo of manchuria king (first on on the left) and Chinese alt right



And yeah he's likely a parody account by lefty twitter to make fun of muh racemix bad rws

What about JamesCageWhite though? They have the same vibe but this one is def the real person, but that incel vibe could be fake, as Asian male on the internet is the NEW WHITE INCEL




File: 1570571511082.png (26.02 KB, 713x150, 713:150)

this is getting wild everyday


File: 1570798525284.png (298.42 KB, 591x713, 591:713)

he will be remembered


weihan is back guys



File: 1571521837876.png (339.84 KB, 581x838, 581:838)

this is getting wild


File: 1571521854016.png (239.78 KB, 563x515, 563:515)



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