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File: 1566471544403.png (1.68 MB, 1214x1642, 607:821)


Where are all /leftypol/ comrades now since 8ch is dead?


bunkerchan.xyz mostly, there is also leftist.site


Hopefilly, in the oven.


btfo when they tried to co-op zeronet only to get fuged when they saw right off the bat that they weren't welcome hahaha dumb nigger



send the link of that zeronet story pl0x


go there yourself and check /leftypol/ faggot hahaha oh wait, you were already there


File: 1566585686546.jpg (183.83 KB, 1055x942, 1055:942)


Zeronet reveals you IP, and stores CP on your hard drive in the background.

Same with IPFS.

Tor and I2P are your best and safest options for dark web, as they mask your ip by forcing connections to undergo multiple hops with a new encryption key at every hop, and they don't download or store darkweb content to your hard drive.


Zeronet seeds tranny porn on your hard drive too, my dad found it on family computer and kicked me out of his house


What? I tought they finally understand how absolutely shambolic is to be marxists fag. Literal keynesian economic shill is better than that fucks but you know - maybe itzs because im in full austrian school mode


I've been on zeronet for over almost two years and I've never once seen child porn on that shit. people keep repeating shit others say without having any experience themselves. btw, (((william shatner))) is a fucking kike. beam your zionist meme outta here


I got on zeronet and my wife divorced me, help


One wonders if a country that has a population dependent on food stamps would revoke them to cut off dissent.




Remember to use Yotsuba


One wonders how much dirt the NSA has on Trump to make him defend the police state so strongly.

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