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File: 1566594277337.jpeg (100.95 KB, 720x720, 1:1)


Free speech


yeah this says a lot about our society


One wonders if a country that has a population dependent on food stamps would revoke them to cut off dissent.

File: 1567116072864.jpeg (750.35 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4)


If you know someone devouring any of these texts, be concerned. They are essentially instruction manuals for crossdressing and the touchstone texts fueling modern pinkpilling. Most have been, among hundreds of others, in my library for 30 years.


Half is fictional crap written by men with no combat experience or military knowledge. Bronze Age and Might are outright crap. The rest are ok, but relatively unnecessary with functional ethnocentric instincts and commonsense. Mein Kampf probably the only essential for historical reasons and not actual value. Protocols, pair it with Kevin McDonald.


>by men

That’s true men are useless pigs

File: 1578667427891.png (165.55 KB, 415x450, 83:90)


Hello from FrChan!



Maybe crime is at an all time high because everything is illegal.




I must admit you make a fair point here



You don't need to reply bots dude

File: 1567022059345.png (467.49 KB, 2069x2681, 2069:2681)


imagine having a macro fetish in like 1892 and the only thing you have to jerk off to is this political comic about imperialism





69 lel

File: 1566986005229.jpg (349.74 KB, 1000x1136, 125:142)


Post most interesting conspiracy


the term conspiracy theory was created by the (((cia))) to deflect any legitimate criticism of the JFK assassination. now fuck off kike


I saw a flat earth guy get into an argument with a hollow earth guy but the latter wasn't willing to consider any middle ground


There is really no reason to do anything since everything is illegal and you can't even be sure that the US will exist a year from now.

File: 1578080896352.png (227.32 KB, 950x892, 475:446)


Fat dumb niggers can lick my niger pussy.



File: 1566308282499.png (18.44 KB, 313x261, 313:261)


>Twitter Safety: We're disclosing coordinated account activity focused on the ongoing protest movement in Hong Kong. Our investigations have found that these accounts are linked to state-backed information operations from mainland China.


thoughts /pol/?


File: 1566322275269.jpeg (600.63 KB, 1242x936, 69:52)



chai na numba wan


leave china alone. asia does not want western pozz

File: 1568496650697.png (155.78 KB, 561x311, 561:311)






File: 1566474783487.png (399.32 KB, 622x487, 622:487)


A critique of Nietzsche - how I stopped being an edgelord and learned to love the world


GUYS MUST WATTCH!1!!!111!!!!!!


its shit

File: 1566471544403.png (1.68 MB, 1214x1642, 607:821)


Where are all /leftypol/ comrades now since 8ch is dead?

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I got on zeronet and my wife divorced me, help


One wonders if a country that has a population dependent on food stamps would revoke them to cut off dissent.




Remember to use Yotsuba


One wonders how much dirt the NSA has on Trump to make him defend the police state so strongly.

File: 1566587903716.png (34.18 KB, 603x208, 603:208)




File: 1566588140878.png (44.32 KB, 390x480, 13:16)

You people are gullible imbeciles, this is FAKE


we could have stopped this


this zionist propaganda does not deserve a thread. HRC is irrelevant, unless you are a low iq Q nigger and trump is a degenerate civic zion kosher nationalist

File: 1566514663475.png (11.99 KB, 400x400, 1:1)


Femboy political compass


File: 1571081736675.jpg (82.48 KB, 500x626, 250:313)

File: 1568405526388.png (382.74 KB, 736x704, 23:22)



don't eat

no sleep

go to shanghai, start the dark enlightenment, post racist grandpa tweets








File: 1568731640976.png (120.06 KB, 358x340, 179:170)


Weihan's real identity discussion thread

I found following post on r/cumtown:

>A little weihan zhang background for you: This is not his first account of course. He used to go by the name "weihan wang" which is a reference to this:


>and this used to be his picture



>4plebs archive for him


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File: 1570798525284.png (298.42 KB, 591x713, 591:713)

he will be remembered


weihan is back guys



File: 1571521837876.png (339.84 KB, 581x838, 581:838)

this is getting wild


File: 1571521854016.png (239.78 KB, 563x515, 563:515)



File: 1568619711516.jpg (41.51 KB, 499x369, 499:369)


Altertanitive Reality.

>Brenton is released

>Brenton gets his nobel peace prize

>The world become safe for the first time in along time


>8ch.net goes back online



Fuck yea

>Wheels dies for his betrayal

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