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Any thoughts on Biker gangs?

I think they're pretty cool, especially juxtaposed against the other criminal elements. Mafia type organized crime has a slick, cold veneer. Very economically oriented. Street type gangs are all about power and outright intimidation, but have a sense of communal nationalism. That leaves Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs; probably the groups with the highest sense of identity and culture. A throwback to classical, uninhibited masculinity.


is there any biker gang thats not that boomer-ish?


also op do you have any resource for further readings on biker gangs?




This site is decent and they also have a book list for your convenience.

TBH, I would not classify any of them as boomer-ish. Ethnocentrism is prominent, there is a range of ages and women have a clearly defined stratus below men. There might be a few patriotic types, but OMC culture developed as a revolt against the "boomer" paradaigm. OMC culture is very independent and not comparable.


thanks op



Np, here's a couple official Instagram accounts from 2 of the most prominent clubs if you want some visuality as well.




Good friend of mine's brother was all tough-guy shaved-head, handlebar mustache, guns and pushups and beer for breakfast and yadda yadda. It was a front, like with the vast majority of those guys. A potempkin psychic veneer to fool even himself with. He joined a three patch biker gang because he was basically scared of everything and lonely and wanted a sense of belonging. They did all the typical biker gang shit, drug deals and ripping each other off and the occasional kidnapping and beating the living shit out of some rival club member or snitch or whatever. Some number of years into it one day he was alone at what I guess was their clubhouse and someone walked in and shot him once in the chest at point-blank range with a shotgun and that was the end of that. He was found dead. No witnesses, and the local cop gang not particularly interested in figuring out some rival biker gang murder shit.

So, no, they're not particularly cool. A lot of them are overly impulsive criminal losers wrapped in tough-guy image, clinging desperately to their senses of identity and culture, bad at long-term planning, and not much different than any other gang culture.

There's my thoughts on 'em.



Damn, what a life



Well, you are entitled to your opinion. My experiences with the culture have been different and I certainly would not paint them or any other culture in such broad strokes. I'm sorry for your loss, but except for a violent death, your overall perception is just not pervasively accurate.

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